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How Global Mintech Works

With a USD Mint Account, an API will link Banks for direct instant transfers with confirmation for Bank Custody, Control of USD


1. Select a Country

$X on USD Mint or Global Mintech shows as $X at your selected Bank Acct.


2. Select a Bank from the List

Global Mintech gateway credits your bank account in the selected bank.


3. Instant Transfer

The API instantly Confirms Transfer to Bank Custody.

Faster than your SMS Message

Global Mintech Payment Gateway deal with Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Corporates, Consumer and Public Parallel Handing the Sovereign Funding to Sovereign Nations. We strictly follow the Central Bank approved procedures in each linked country. The USD are deemed to be in the USA (Wyoming) State allowing:

  • Instant Free
  • 24/7 Global Use
  • No Restrictions
  • No CHIPs delays
Top Security

How to Transfer Money

Global Mintech GW Transfer simplifies the process

  • Login with your registered ID or create a new user account in moments
  • Receive USD in your USD Mint or Global Mintech payment account
  • Enter the amount and bank account details for any external transfers
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Price Transparency

Our Commitment

We commit and assure the delivery of your payment in the respective account within minutes if all the account detail is valid and account is active in the respective bank. Your payment will be returned back to you if it is not credited in the respective account.

  • we provide the tracking of your payment shown live on your mobile app
  • Payment Pricing Global Mintech shows any charges/fees and the net amount that will be credited in the Beneficiary Account. NO HIDDEN CHARGES!
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