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GlobalMinTec is a Payment Gateway of USD Mint Inc of the United States. USD Mint® Provides Digital USD For Use Globally. Universal Access to USD.

Central Banks can Co-Operate USD Mint issuing USD with XGD code as Sovereign Legal Tender, a Digital Form of Paper Money, Global Dollars.

USD Mint® is the Incontestable Legally Authorized Source of Digital USD. USD in Compliant Accounts Provide Transparent Secure Global USD Use.

USD Mint® is the Incontestable Exclusive Source of Financial Services Providing Digital USD For Use via a Global Computer Network #4,158,063. USD is Money per UCC1 held in UCC8 Accounts (the same as Banks Use) Convertible$ as Equivalent to and a Substitute for $ FinCEN-2019-G001 & G7 Fungible Class 1 Capital Assets the same as Cash on Deposit in Bank Accts.

The IMF and BIS suggest that Central Banks Partner with Fintech for CBDC Central Bank (USD Mint) Digital Currency (USD) ie Co-Operate USD Mint Issuing USD with a “Core Ledger” and Central Bank BIN linked to Banks via API per Bank of England suggested CBDC structure for retail, wholesale use.

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